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Contemporary Noe Valley Passive House Wows to the Tune of $5 Million

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One of the few energy-independent houses in San Francisco is up for grabs.

While this new construction at 2127 Castro is an obvious stunner, it's also noted for being one of San Francisco's few passive houses — i.e., a German standard of an energy-independent building that uses as little energy as possible, while producing as much energy as it uses.

Although passive homes are common in Europe, they are recently making a bigger impact in the states. Mayor Bill de Blasio recently began an effort to get more passive housing in his city, which has produced excellent results. But in San Francisco, you can only find a few of them, comparatively speaking.

2127 Castro is one such home.

To achieve its passive status, the home features, Zhender HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator), solar panels, custom passive house certified insulated triple latch front door, a biometric keyless entry, triple paned windows, charging stations for electric cars, and more. (Its green certifications are currently pending.)

That said, it's also a gorgeous place to call home in a choice neighborhood, ideal for those who prefer sleek and contemporary over living the Victorian lifestyle.

The house lands on the market at $5 million.