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First Look Inside Swanky New $4 Million Pac Heights Townhouses

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These renderings provide the first look inside the Landmark Webster Street development, which is almost near the finish line.

We’ve been keeping an eye on the impending arrival of the Pacific, a super-plush new condo development right in the middle of Pacific Heights, a neighborhood that rarely sees large-scale new development anywhere but its outer fringes.

These parcels were once a dentistry school, which closed and provided a choice redevelopment locale on Webster, right between Alta Plaza and Lafayette Park.

The 76-unit building, developed by Trumark Urban and designed by Handel Architects (who previously put did NEMA and Millenium Tower), broke ground in 2014 and will open up late this summer.

In the meantime, here’s a first look at one of the forthcoming building’s ten townhouses, built on the onetime parking lot of the dentist college. The three bedroom, three and a half bath residences run about 2,400 square feet and market for just a little less than $4 million a pop. They also boast either a garden or rooftop deck (depending on where each unit is located).

Other than February’s slightly ostentatious video preview, this is our first rendered look of the interiors.

Snazzy stuff, indeed.