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What's up with the missing panels on the Transamerica Pyramid?

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Something's happening with San Francisco's most iconic high-rise

Over the last few months, the staff at Curbed SF have noticed something different with the Transamerica Pyramid — specifically, panels on top of the city's most famous signifier seem to vanish, then reappear, then disappear again.

Secret coded illuminati communication? Not quite.

"The Transamerica Pyramid is undergoing regular maintenance that takes place every 10 years, which includes inspecting the caulking between the precast panels," says Transamerica Pyramid media spokesperson Nancy Shennum Renteria. "Then power washing and sealing those precast panels. This process can take up to two years to complete all four sides of the building."

This cleaning process helps to ensure that the Transamerica Pyramid’s white quartz exterior remains pristine year-round. The labor-intensive process involves about 18,000 work hours. This cleaning was last completed in 2007.

And now you know.

Transamerica Pyramid

600 Montgomery Street, , CA 94111