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Facebook Headquarters: $1.3 Million Noodle Bar and Other Awesome Upcoming Amenities

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One year after opening, the social media giant's new HQ is building some of Silicon Valley's sweetest employee-motivating treats

BuildZoom went sniffing around for permits of the new Frank Gehry-designed Facebook headquarters, and came up with some choice goodies — everything from an impending climbing wall to a sports field.

For starters, the social media mammoth's permit for its 1 Facebook Way home is the highest ever in Menlo Park history, coming in at $177 million. What's more, Facebook is going green. Big time.

BuildZoom has more:

[...]There were a total of 8 permits directly related to solar energy, totaling $8,105,261. The largest project was a $4.4 million project to put 1.4 MW of solar canopies in the parking area, and other projects put smaller amounts of solar on 6 different rooftops. They filed several permits for electrical vehicle charger stations, which they use to give employees free EV charging. In total, we estimate that Facebook has over 5 MW of solar panels – enough to power 1,250 typical California homes.

But the most interesting tidbits, as evidenced by the following permits, are the new treats in store for their employees, which include a new spa and noodle bar.

Noodle bar $1.3 million

Climbing Wall: $80,000

Spa: $400,000

Turf Sports field: $800,000

Game arcade: $13,000

Curbed SF reached out to Facebook who kindly informed us that they "never confirm amounts spent on permits."