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Smallest House on the San Francisco Market Sells for $550,000

Buyer spends big cash on only 363 square feet

Some big tiny house news today: The smallest house on the San Francisco market, coming in at 363 square feet in the Mission District, sold this week for over its asking price.

Landing on the market in March at $495,000, the hidden home at 444 14th Street sold for $550,000.

The house, located behind a three-unit condo building, made news due both its price but its jarring adorability factor. With only three quaint rooms (living/sleeping, kitchen, bathroom) and a quiet distance from the street, it piqued the interest of our city's frustrated house hunters.

"When people get a look at this property, they start dreaming about getting rid of all of their trappings and living the simple life," Paragon Real Estate listing agent Laura Taylor told Curbed SF in March. "It's a really stunning spot."

You can see the house when it airs on HGTV's Tiny House Hunters. Until then, check out the precious diminutiveness of this little abode.