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Marina House Goes on Market for First Time Since 1935, Asks $5.3 Million

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You want Gothic arches? We've got Gothic arches

Do you want just a piece of this circa 1935 Marina house that has never before been on the market, or do you want it all?

The top floor unit, a three bedroom, two bathroom affair that, at 2,557 square feet, comprises more than half of the entire building’s space is on offer for just under $2.7 million. The one-bedroom, 706 square foot unit below that is up for $895,000, and the two bedroom in the middle is $1.795 million.

But if you’re the type who likes to buy in bulk, you can go whole hog and buy the entire thing, three units and 5,143 square feet for $5.38 million. As far as rare beasts go, this is like deciding between a unicorn and a wooly mammoth.

Despite its 1930s pedigree, the house has never been up for sale before, staying in the same family for three generations. The Jefferson Street address is half a block from Marina Green and sits very close to the city’s exact median north point.

The house itself (the top-floor unit is pictured here), it’s pushing its Marina aesthetic into overdrive, with arched windows, Gothic doors and doorways, parquet floors, and a garden so verdant and lively it might be trying to show up the house.

In fact, this has one of the most arch-and-portal heavy interiors of any house to come along this year, to the point that some of these photos resemble an infinite corridor trick. (Check out the virtual tour.) Detached on the west side, the upper floors should have gorgeous views of the Golden Gate Bridge at Sunset.