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Condo in 1889 Castro Victorian With Drop-Dead Kitchen Asks $1.2 Million

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You've got to love a 19th-century hardwood floor

If an entire Castro Victorian is too big of a meal for you to swallow, consider the bottom third of one by way of this first-floor condo at 374 Sanchez Street for a little less than $1.2 million.

The entire house dates to back to 1889, with two bedrooms, two full baths, and 1,560 square feet on the bottom floor. This unit last sold for $780,000 five years ago, the equivalent of $825,000 today. The parcel near the corner of 17th and Sanchez is about equidistant from the Castro Theatre and Dolores Park (1,000 feet or so in either direction).

As for the condo itself, the major draw is that kitchen, which has saved a lot of its 19th century charm over the years, keeping its wide-plank floor (visibly older than the hardwood floors throughout the rest of the place) and the old brick chimney, which contrasts vividly with the brick pattern of the seafoam-colored tiles on the opposite wall and serves as a respectable backbone for the dining room too.

They’ve saved the old wainscoting and moldings as well (whoever photographed the interiors was particularly preoccupied with the moldings; so if you’re a molding buff, be sure to check out the ad), and the medallions for the old gas lamps are still in the ceilings.

The bathrooms come in two flavors: black tiled with shower, or white with claw-foot tub.