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Stately Victorian Condo in Hayes Valley Hits Market at $1.2 Million

Super charming two-bedroom abode on a super busy street

While we have a tendency to deem a lot of San Francisco neighborhoods as being the proverbial hottest of the moment (e.g., the Mission, Bernal Heights, et al.), Hayes Valley is really where, at least for some, it's at. And it's almost impossible to find an affordable place in this increasingly tony hood. This admittedly gorgeous Victorian condo is no exception.

This two bedroom, two bath, 1,560-square-foot condo at 527 Oak is downright adorable. Stunning too. While some of its circa 1900 period detail remains, like the 12-foot ceilings and oak hardwood floors, it has also been mercifully updated to feature a new kitchen and remodeled bathrooms.

It also comes with parking (a must in this neighborhood) and a perfectly tiny deck. Pro: it's in Hayes Valley, the city's unofficial boutique district. Con: It's on Oak, a super busy street.

Asking price: a whopping $1,299,00. (Last sold in 2010 for only $760,000.)