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SF to Consider Giving Frank Lloyd Wright's Maiden Lane Design Landmark Status

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One more vote to go before it's official

Frank Lloyd Wright's V.C. Morris Gift Shop at 140 Maiden Lane, whose circular ramp was the prototype design for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, is one step closer to receiving landmark status.

On Wednesday, San Francisco's Historic Preservation Commission voted unanimously to preserve the interior of the former gift shop by designating it a city landmark.

"Upon its completion, it electrified the architectural world not only for its architecture, but for its radical interpretation of a retail store," said the commission, according to SF Examiner.

All that the space needs now to make it official is a vote by the Board of Supervisors. Fingers crossed.

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In addition to its famous swooping ramp, the interior retains some of Wright's initial designs: a sky-light ceiling with stunning acrylic domes, mahogany cabinets, and a brass hanging planter. American Institute of Architects deemed 140 Maiden Lane as named as one of Wright's 17 essential works.

The former gift shop, which was Xanadu Art Gallery up until 2015, is currently being used as a pop-up space this week for Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop MRKT, featuring the Oscar-winning actress herself.

And now, some shots of Paltrow and her team using the noted space last night to host a party.

Crazy wait for a signed copy of Gwyneth's new cookbook

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Exploring Lloyd Wright Portals

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