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One Year Later, Facebook HQ is Still Ready for Its Close-Up

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The social media mammoth sets the bar impossibly, beautifully high

It's been over a year since Facebook opened their Frank Gehry-designed headquarters, and their employees are still enjoying their new workspace as evidenced by their fawning Instagram pics.

On March 30, 2015, Facebook opened its new campus' doors for business. The 430,000-square-foot megaplex has the largest open floor plan in the world. Per Frank Gehry, "From the start, Mark [Zuckerberg] wanted a space that was unassuming, matter-of-fact and cost effective...This is the building that we created for him."

As unassuming as it is from the outside (the structure, although fantastic to behold, does blend in well with its surroundings), it is full of color, life, and noted works by local artists. Who wouldn't want to pose next to choice installations and paintings, which Facebook employees get to see on a daily basis.

Warning: These shots will induce excessive amounts of envy.

C is for #globalcauses2016 #facebooklife #c #modernart #popart

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Finally found the rainbow flowers I've been obsessing about

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Lunching and advising... #artworld #Pacegallery #art #technology #curating #collection #siliconvalley #valleygirl

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They even have a Yellow Brick Road, replete with Wicked Witch of the East legs bearing the ruby slippers.

Yellow Brick Road

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Up top, there's the fabulous rooftop, a living rooftop, with sweeping views of both gorgeous flora and Silicon Valley.

Hey @stephencurry30 what's good. Feel better. #views #menlopark #california #rooftop #lunchtime #viewsfromthe6

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Morning snack on campus

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Of particular note are the colors. This is the kind of stimulation that any worker bee would love. (We especially love the green hues on this staircase.)

Feelin green

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A photo posted by @sssofie on

Hackers gonna hack

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And it just gets better and better...

What would you do if you weren't afraid? #globalcauses2016

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They brought #starwars to my work this week. #worklife

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#colors #fbnoobreport

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#colors #stairs

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One of the many cool cafes on the Facebook campus #shotoniphone6s

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//Opening Day: Building 23 / The FB Campus Keeps Growing//

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Happening now! Come check us out at the Facebook Farmers Market!

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Rough life on the rooftop #tgif #facebookhq #building20 #officespace #dontmakemeleave

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Facebook Office

1730 Minor Avenue, Seattle, WA