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Entirely Renovated Mission Victorian Does Away With Past, Asks $2.9 Million

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A perfect example of a rapidly changing neighborhood



In a neighborhood increasingly erasing any semblance of its past, this admittedly stunning five bedroom, four and a half bath Victorian follows suit. Located at 963 Alabama, it boasts an impressive, hefty 3,225 square feet... and a major redo.

It has all of the trappings of a huge contemporary overhaul: open floor plan, sliding glass window doors, pristine white walls, a gourmet kitchen, sharply manicured yard, and more. It's gorgeous and most people would be perfectly content to unfurl each day after work in an abode like this one.

The attic bedroom, in particular, is downright wonderful.

Now, before folks shake their fists at this renovation, keep in mind that this is what it looked like in 2014, when it sold for a mere $1,150,000. Definitely an improvement, but an aesthetic we keep seeing more and more of in San Francisco's rapid-fire renovations.

Also, of note: This sleek Vic is also located in a prime spot of a primo neighborhood, mere steps away from such delicious (although, at times, affected) food joints as Central Kitchen, Flour + Water, Atlas Cafe, Sightglass, Salumeria, and Trick Dog.