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Claremont Craftsman With Wood Work Galore Asks $2.3 Million

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Nothing remotely urban or metropolitan about this East Bay beauty

This detached craftsman in the Claremont neighborhood is giving pure, unadulterated, cold-pressed Berkeley. Located at 18 Oakvale, it features four bedrooms, four baths, 4,314 square feet, and an abundance of rich, dark wood all around.

Though it harkens back to another era (or eras, as we're feeling several different decades here), the house, built in 1938, has been updated with new flooring, ceilings, a decent kitchen, and other amenities.

Other tidbits of note: The brick fireplace is a standout in the living room, while the backyard cries our for a slow food philosophy-tinged potluck.

But, again, the real star here is the original wood work. If you attend the church of Antiseptic White Wall Open Floor Plan, this might not be the place for you to worship. For those who yearn for a 1970s/1980s boho-chic feel, 18 Oakvale could be the perfect fit.