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Apple Campus Closes the Loop in Latest Drone Video

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Where will these drones find work once campus is complete?

It’s been a while since we checked in on Apple’s giant new mothership campus in Cupertino.

Luckily, as always, clouds of voyeuristic drones keeps constant tabs on the place; self-described "aerial videography enthusiast" Matthew Roberts uploaded another of his Apple flybys today (labeled June 2016, making it a video from the future. Freaky), where we can see the donut-shaped depot is more and more beginning to resemble its space-age design.

A few highlights:

The circle is now complete: Last month, there was still one section missing from the building’s giant ring shape. That gap has now been filled in, presumably a great relief to laborers who no longer have to jump over it.

Deep cover work: The underground auditorium is now being put underground, as workers slap an 80-ton carbon fiber roof over the completed portions. The tunnel network visible in previous videos is also now being buried, so this is your last chance to memorize the layout for future infiltration.

Soaking up rays: Seventy-five percent of the 11,000-car garages are now covered in solar panels. Meanwhile, yard after yard of panels are left to chill in the center ring, awaiting installation on the main building. Note also the plaza-like breadth of the bridges connecting the two parking facilities.

King of the hill: That gigantic mountain of excavated dirt has grown noticeably larger than the building itself, and resembles the ruins of some kind of ancient step pyramid. The wild grasses that have taken root on its slopes are trending toward the brown side as spring gives way to summer.