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Please Do Not Gut, Renovate This Spectacular $2.9 Million Queen Anne Victorian

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One of the "Four Seasons" Victorians lands on the market, which we can only hope remains untouched

Rarely do we do announce a call to action here on Curbed SF, but this exquisite and irresistible Queen Anne Victorian in the Upper Haight begs for a stay of execution from the contractor's hammer. Just look at it. No, look at it! It is one of the most thrilling homes we have seen land on the SF market in eons.

Located at 1315 Waller, this three-level home features four bedrooms, three and a half baths, and 2,885 square feet.

To say that this home was loved is a gross understatement. From a bedroom's built-ins, reachable via a decor-complimentary ladder, to a high tank pull toilet in the bathroom, the home is gorgeous both as a whole and on so many granular levels.

One whimsical tidbit of note: 1315 Waller, known as "Winter," is one of four Victorian terraced houses in a row collectively referred to as the "Four Seasons." This is denoted by a carved snowflake centerpiece on its second-floor facade. (For reference, here's neighboring "Fall.")


We're also going bonkers over the printed wallpaper (by Bradbury & Bradbury) slapped on the walls and fitted in the coffered ceilings. The of-the-era touches are—for lack of a better cliche—breathtaking.

But this isn't to say that the entire structure is so saturated in a specific era that it's evocative of a stodgy period of time. Quite the contrary. Parts of this Queen Anne are bright, white and airy, providing a balanced contrast to the entire home.

Other areas of interest are the wallpaper print (featuring, among other designs, a tiger), stained glass windows, a twee attic turned bedroom, clawfoot tubs, and much more.

This home—which, again, we hope the future owner loves and appreciates as-is in the same way we do—asks $2,985,000. Check out the following gallery for more shots inside this practically perfect home.

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