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Street Artist Unleashes Doggie Art in Duboce Park

Remember to clean up after your balloon dog

Local street artist fnnch (pronounced like the bird) took it on himself to give public signage in Duboce Park a little upgrade last week. Previously, park paths were full of stencils reminding us all to keep our dogs on their leashes.

And now? Well, technically, nothing about the content of the message has changed. We just have a much broader range of examples from which to extrapolate.

#fnnch ode to #jeffkoons #streetart #dogs #balloondog

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Corgi crossing. #Duboce #dubocepark #saturdayafternoon #sf #shadows #corgis #fnnch

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These cultured critters were initially anonymous, but after Hoodline brought it up fnnch eventually took credit via Twitter, and pointed out on Instagram that this is the return of a piece he did a few years ago.

The doggie doodles fit his layered stencil style, his noted MO of sneaking animal imagery onto available surfaces, and his stated mission of "[forcing] people to grapple with the idea that they want something illegal to exist." Which is usually not a big stretch for most San Franciscans, but even so.

Good grief. #snoopy #dubocepark #sanfrancisco #usa

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#fnnch ode to #keithharing #streetart #dogs

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Leash Your Dog Guerilla Art #6

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Skateboarding dogs on leash only

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#CatWalker in Duboce Park #fnnch

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