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New Drone Footage Shows Major Progress at Apple Campus 2

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Looking good, techies

It's time to head south to Cupertino to check in on the folks at Apple to see how their new $5 billion Norman Foster-designed campus is coming along. According to Matthew Roberts's detailed aerial tour, they are very hard at work.


More paneling has been added since we last checked in back in March. Overall, construction includes a 100,000 square foot fitness facility, the R&D center, underground tunnels, an auditorium, garages, offices, an enormous cafeteria, and more. Much, much more.

Per Forbes:

In the flyover, the reel pictures construction workers hard at work, putting in the frames and solar panels that will ultimately power the facility. In addition, the last curve of the round Apple Campus 2 is being constructed to complete the circle. Glass and canopies are being mounted on both sides of the main building, and a "mountain of dirt" is now standing alongside the campus that’s about as tall as the new headquarters itself.

Drone footage is a common occurrence at the in-progress campus. A simple YouTube search will reveal tons of choice footage from up high. Apple is on a long list of tech mammoths in the process of either creating or recently completing spectacular new headquarters, including Salesforce, LinkedIn, and Facebook, just to name a few.

Apple's impending second campus is a mile from the existing headquarters and is expected to be finished in 2017.