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Pacific Heights Art Deco Condo Asks $985,000

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Corner unit with high ceilings and crown moldings will bring you back to San Francisco's glamorous era

A corner unit at 3025 Jackson, right on the border of Pacific Heights and Presidio Heights, lands on the market this week. This dreamy one-bedroom, one-bath gem comes in at $985,000.

Ideal for a single person or couple, the highlight of this condo is the art deco building in which it resides. We must admit that these gleaming, old art deco buildings are even more San Francisco than our many varieties of Victorians.

Alas, a Stick Victorian just can't conjure up Sam Spade the way an art deco can.

Finally, while the track lighting leaves much to be desired, that can all be changed with an illuminating makeover.

And be sure to take notice of the foyer. Coming home each night to that gorgeousness is worth the price tag.