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Buena Vista Queen Anne With Original Floor Plan Asks $2.39 Million

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No remodel, no open floor plan—don't pinch yourself, this is really happening

If you're weary of San Francisco houses that are Victorian on the outside but stark white boxes on the inside, here’s a breath of fresh air: A historic Queen Anne that still looks something like a historic Queen Anne when you open the front door.

This four-bed, three-and-a-half-bath, $2.39 million house at 72 Buena Vista Terrace probably dates to 1893. (City records say 1884, but those are often spotty). It’s been off the market since 2005, when the present owners bought it for $1.7 million, which comes to a little over $2 million after inflation. The Buena Vista Terrace address is about 500 feet from both Buena Vista Park and Corona Heights Park.

From the outside, it looks like your typical Vic, a frothy wedding cake of 19th century ornamentation. The inside is the real novelty: No open floor plan. Rooms are still divided into individual rooms. Although some work has been done over the years, including the obligatory kitchen remodel sometime in the last decade, the house still more or less resembles its original plan from 120 plus years ago.

"Nobody gutted it," says selling agent Wendy Stortch.

The slate gray color of the interior is a bit unfortunate…but at least it’s not just white. This house was originally a wing of the home immediately to the north, but over the years was cut off and refashioned into its own creature, three stories tall and 2,625 square feet.