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Noe Valley Victorian, Asking $2.6M, Will Cure Your Minimalism Blues

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Perfectly adorable Stick style Victorian is unabashed fun

It is a red-letter day here at Curbed SF when we come across a Victorian on the market that hasn't been scrubbed clean of any and all character via antiseptic renovation. This absolute gem at 1190 Noe will not only cure you of any minimalism melancholia, but it will also restore your faith in what could be a bellwether for ultra-gentle makeovers.

Built in 1877, refurbished throughout the years, this Stick style Victorian still prickles with fun. It features three bedrooms, two and a half baths, and 2,568 square feet. Many of the house's classic features remain either intact or appear in facsimile, including a gaslight at the bottom of the staircase, coffered ceilings, a perfectly perfect rose garden, and more.

The wallpaper (on the walls and ceiling) print alone deserves your undying allegiance. And the kitchen and bathrooms are all gloriously updated without losing their soul—a seemingly impossible feat in these modern Carrara marble-ladened times.

This isn't to say we don't love a choice, dramatic Victorian redo—this "neo-Victorian," which hit the market in 2015, managed to steal our heart with its unmitigated audacity—but there's something to be said for 1190 Noe keeping it real.