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Twitter Headquarters, Your Weekly Peek Inside a Bay Area Tech Titan

From beer-pong tables to renowned art, a look inside some of the world's biggest tech companies

Welcome to another installment of our regular series that takes a look inside some of the biggest tech companies by way of employees's and visitors's Instagram shots. We already brought you LinkedIn and Facebook.

Today we head over to MidMarket in San Francisco to see what the kids at Twitter are doing.

Behold their iconic signifier.

Yes, they too have a sun-dabbled roof deck...

Working with a view ☀️ #HQ #Twitter #SanFran já estava com saudades daqui ❤️

A photo posted by @mazinhaklein on

...perfect for lounging.

Office views ☀️

A photo posted by Jeannie Evans (@jeanniemarie5) on

The bird can be found everywhere.

We especially love their collection of art deco-era mailboxes.

Art Deco era mailboxes in the #twitter lobby

A photo posted by G. Dewar (@njudah) on

Vintage mailboxes! #twitterbuilding #southofmarket #SF #vintage #mailboxes

A photo posted by Mildred Gallegos (@mcgallegos03) on


A photo posted by Janet Lee (@janet_j_lee) on

A Photo a Day Project 2016 138 of 365 Twitter HQ #twitter #lovewhereyouwork

A photo posted by John Sigmon (@johnsigmon) on

The bar. Of course.

A photo posted by NaNa Maia (@datgalnana) on

And because no tech enterprise is complete without some sort of frat-boy element, here's some beer pong about to go down.

This is how conference rooms were meant to be used! #work #boardmeeting #workinghard

A photo posted by Anthony Padin (@moneyshot89) on

Inside the Twitter building! #SF

A photo posted by Patrick McDonnell (@patrickm02l) on

Can't Tweet this! Bird watching on a Saturday night in SF

A photo posted by Rich Vasquez (@richvasquezsf) on

Here we are, inside #Twitter #ubuntu

A photo posted by Ubuntu Co. (@ubuntuco) on

A photo posted by Johan Lee (@mr.johanlee) on

Almorzando con Connie Ansaldi!

A photo posted by Martin (@martinusa1) on

Conference room inside the #twitter building #tech #SF #sfbay

A photo posted by Daniel Kim (@dannyboy414) on

A photo posted by @mielalina on

Twitter, Inc.

1355 Market St., San Francisco, CA 94103