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Rare Presidio Heights William Wurster Lands on Market for $7.9 Million

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An uncommon treat in a standout neighborhood

Here's a chance to nab a rare piece of property in Presidio Heights, a midcentury 1959 William Wurster at 3610 Washington. The former dean of the UC Berkeley Architecture is best known for having designed UC Berkeley's Stern Hall, as well as a slew of California residences. Why, just this past January, the architect's five-bedroom piece at 17 San Andreas Way in St. Francis Wood sold for $3,750,000.

Now his ranch-style design, a standout among the Victorian and Classic revival mansions in the neighborhood, is available for $7,500,000.

The four bedroom, four and a half bath home comes with 5,650 square feet, a library, four fireplaces, two floors, and the satisfaction you can afford to live in one of the city's priciest hoods.

Yet there's almost something very suburban-esque about this home, too, which we mean in the nicest way possible. Strange yet lovely. (Though the interior would benefit greatly from refresh by way of a Pantone Color Book.)

3610 Washington

San Francisco, CA, USA