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Alamo Square Park to Close for Nine Months Beginning Next Week

Get your fill in before May 10

As Curbed SF reported in January, Alamo Square Park — oft-prefaced as being featured in that ABC sitcom of yore whose name we dare not mention, because the park should stand on its own — will be closing for nine months beginning next week.

The reason for the park's closure won't be as exciting at Dolores Park's — it's in dire need of a new irrigation system, which, according to SFist, "is supposed to result in 37 percent water savings, the equivalent of 3,260,000 gallons per year. " Also, an ADA-compliant restroom will be installed.

And as Alamo Square Online notes, some minor landscaping will take place: new lawn in the dog play area, native "no-mow" grasses to go along Fulton and Scott, and new shrubbery and trees (more than 40 of them!).

Get your fill in before next Tuesday. The park will temporarily shut down come May 10.