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Glorious Ross Mansion, With Heartbreaking Cottage Suites, Asks $8.9 Million

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Swoon, sigh

Here we go, folks. This is one of those properties that make you want to pack up your belongings, kiss your Clipper card goodbye, and relocate north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Because this contemporary mansion in Ross is downright stunning in its simplicity.

The estate at 170 Laurel Grove Avenue features seven bedrooms, seven baths, and 7,750 square feet. But best of all, the place comes with two guest cottages accessible via hillavator (!), a renovated pool house, and detached garage w/legal loft space above.

Why, it's practically a resort. Granted, the decor is neither exactly new nor boldly avant-garde—and, yes, we clocked the carpet in the cottages—but this is one of those cases where the whole is greater than the sum of its contemporary parts.

So, let's break this up into two parts. First, the manor and pool house:

And now the guest cottage suites: