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Ultra-Modernist LEED Platinum House Asks $11.2 Million

Sometimes going green takes a lot of green

LEED Platinum isn’t just for Salesforce buildings anymore. Even the everyday Russian Hill homeowner (assuming there’s any such thing these days) can hang that particular shingle on their wall, provided they have $11.2 million for this ultra-modernist four bedroom, five and a half bath home at 1209 Filbert Street, two blocks from the Lombard Street curves.

The 5,610-square-foot home received an overall score of 90.5 back in 2011 care of the Green Building Council. The green building database praises its energy, water efficiency, and responsible materials, but neither the realtor nor developer, Troon Pacific, were available for further comment.

Whatever the reason for such a stellar score, it’s certainly reflected in the price. The $11.2 million price tag comes out to nearly two grand per square foot. Five years ago it listed at $7 million. That’s an appreciation of 59 percent, suggesting that LEED Platinum is a wise investment.

Perhaps a touch on the austere side for some tastes, the house sports a hyper-modern design, with stacked-and-tiered windows on the outside and free ranging, open space on the inside. Contemporary glass banisters and marble bathrooms pair nicely with white walls and the requisite Russian Hill roof deck.

Update: Troon Pacific provided a list of the home's green features, including a rainwater harvesting tank and drip irrigation, filtered ventilation, Forest Stewardship Council-approved woods, solar on the roof, and zero-waste framing. Note that modifications might have been made since 2011.