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It's 82 Degrees in San Francisco Right Now; Here's What You're Missing

Ah, must be nice

Just a friendly/painful reminder to those of you (like us!) working inside an office this afternoon: It's a shockingly warm day today. In fact, it's around 82 degrees in downtown San Francisco. While most of us toil away at work (to make rent, presumably), let's see what some of your fellow denizens—who might not necessarily work 9-to-5 jobs—are up to on this sunny, breezy, impossibly springtime afternoon.

Tomorrow looks like it won't be nearly as warm, though.

Oh, this looks like a swell time in Dolores Park.


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Even dogs are having a good time.

"P"eople watching today at the park

A photo posted by Petunia The Beagle (@petuniathebeagle) on

Dancing in Dolores Park? Sign us up, please.

My friends are better than yours. @wesley_grant92 #dolo

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Hey, friends! Next time call us!

Checking out the street art in the Mission.

A photo posted by Estelle ♡ (@classysignature) on

A refreshing ferry ride out on the deck.

Time for a strut at the Palace of Fine Arts? Why not.

I was dateless

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This adorable pooch at Crissy Field gets to play catch and play in the water. Lucky dog.

#beachday with Lake #gsd #dogsofinstagram #chuckit #crissyfield #sfprodog #saveoffleash #saveourrecreation @anjari40

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This morning's sunrise over the Bay Bridge.

The reason I get out of bed early to run: this view. #FromWhereIRun

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...hardly working.

#workinghard or #hardlyworking

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