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Noe Valley Victorian Cottage, Decked Out in Succulents and Wood, Asks $1.3 Million

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An updated Victorian that refreshingly bucks tired home decor trends

Kudos to this two-story Victorian cottage at 1607 Diamond in Noe Valley. It's been updated with a contemporary vibe minus any trendy white-wall overdose or antiseptic echo chamber of a floor plan. Downright lovely, really.

The overarching theme to this circa 1910 house is wood. Dark wood. And lots of it. Surprisingly chic wood paneling can be found in almost every room, from the kitchen, to the living room, to the bedroom creeping all over the place from the floors, to the walls, to the built-ins.

Another point of interest is the array of succulents adorning the front and back yards, as well as a few strewn around inside. The entire space is like a deconstructionist take on a 1970s San Francisco hippie house, which we mean in the best way possible.

1607 Diamond also has a one-bedroom and one-bath in-law unit (which might not be entirely in-compliance), ideal for overnight guests, as well as an open-air wine room.

The only drawback? No garage. Alas.

The only drawback? No garage. Alas.

Asking price comes in at $1,349,000.