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Buena Vista Mansion with Grand Ballroom Takes Price Cut

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Inexplicably, this evocative San Francisco home didn't sell when it hit the market

Perched above the wackiness of Upper Haight while rubbing elbows with Duboce Triangle is Buena Vista. Sometimes overlooked, this tiny neighborhood also boasts some of the city's most jaw-dropping homes. And this classic Beaux Arts gem, which we wrote about back in March, is no exception.

17 Buena Vista Terrace, circa 1909, features four bedrooms, four baths, and 6,190 square feet. It has wood paneling throughout some of the rooms; cathedral and vaulted ceilings; a terrace; a two-car garage, and—swoon—a ballroom, which cries out for a return to crinolines and tuxedo tails.

As noted, the decor hasn't changed in some time, providing a fascinating look at the not-so-distant past. There are so many goodies to pore over in this home, one could get lost in its period details.

This impressive pad landed on the market in March for $6,950,000, but a recent price reduction brought it down to $6,195,000. We're not sure how or why this place wasn't snapped up right away. Strange world.

If we may, a suggestion to prospective buyers: Please—please!—don't get rid of the dark wood staircase and beams. You will be tempted to do so. Your interior designer will say it's what all the other rich kids are doing to their homes in the Mission. You might even dream of putting in a glass staircase railing. (Gasp!) Please reconsider this tomfoolery. This staircase is an intricate work of art. It's a showpiece. It's timeless. It's a keeper.

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