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Tenderloin Appeal, Bryant's Beastly Hearing, and a $45 Million Parking Lot

Five big deals the city is scheduled to make this week

It’s a busy week at City Hall, with one major land sale and several major developments up for votes. Here’s a rundown of everything city solons will be pondering in the way of planning and development before Friday:

Transbay Block 4: $1,000 a Foot For Parking (Land Use Committee, Monday)

Once the new Transbay station is completed (assuming it ever is completed…), what’s to become of the temporary station on Howard Street? Well, 45,000 square feet of it are potentially up for sale to an LLC controlled by Urban Pacific Development and a Goldman Sachs affiliate, approximately to the tune of about $1,000 a foot. The supes’ Land Use Committee votes today, and then the sale goes before the full board tomorrow. The same LLC previously bought Transbay Parcel F for $160 million.

1066 Market Street: Prime Tenderloin, or Just Scraps? (Board of Supervisors, Tuesday)

The gigantic Shorenstein development at the foot of the Tenderloin, more than 300 units in all and designed by Arquitectonica in their standard enormous cubes style, won Planning approval back in March, but it still needs the final thumbs up from the Board of Supervisors. Don Falk, CEO of the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation, is appealing the project; TNDC has always insisted that the building doesn’t include enough BMR housing to mitigate the risk of pricing out Tenderloiners.

Public Works: High Marks Instead of Low-Balling (Board of Supervisors, Tuesday)

After the infamous Haight Street project nearly blew up the neighborhood several times last year, some at City Hall complained that the bidding process forced to them to hire low-ball contractors who then had incentive to work on the cheap. Under new legislation proposed by District 8’s Scott Wiener, the city would be allowed to consider the qualifications of a bidder rather than just the size of the bid.

Arkansas Street Window Appeal (Board of Appeals, Wednesday)

A 127-unit apartment building at Arkansas and 17th is being held up on the legal definition of what is and is not a bedroom. (According to certain city laws, it doesn’t count without an exterior window.) This one was delayed three weeks from its original April date, but we’ll finally have transparency on the window issue this week.

Bryant Beast Bears Scrutiny (Planning Commission, Thursday)

As previously reported, 2000-2070 Bryant Street (unaffectionately known as the "Beast on Bryant") finally comes before Planning after bailing twice last year. Planning Commissioners should load up on the energy drinks, because this one is going to run long.