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Condo in Phenomenal Cow Hollow Queen Anne Asks $1.6 Million

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It's hard to beat a turret for curb appeal

Modern architecture is all well and good, but sometimes there’s nothing like a real Queen Anne. For example, 2169 Green Street is the real deal, a circa 1900 (possibly older, since most houses built more than 110 years ago lost their paperwork in the 1906 earthquake)—soaring affair with a classic turret made up of two tasteful condos, the latest of which has popped back onto the market for $1.69 million.

That’s really only a hair more than the $1.35 million it sold for back in 2005 ($1.65 million after inflation), but of course we can expect that price to climb, along with the 1,550-square-foot pad’s coved ceilings. Both bedrooms have French doors opening onto the back patio area for a side-by-side pairing.

The inside is lovely enough, but it's all about the facade with this one, featuring spindle work to die for. Even the fire escape looks like a baroque accent rather than an unwanted hanger-on. Although notice that clever selling agents are always careful to photograph this one from an extreme low angle, partly to accentuate the tower but mostly to cover up the fact that there’s an unsightly looking garage at street level. Alas, there’s no such thing as perfect curb appeal.

The Green Street address is right on the edge of Cow Hollow, one block away from the Flood Mansion, making it in perfectly respectable company.