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Beast on Bryant Goes to Planning Commission With New Offer

Controversial construction slouches toward City Hall for approval

The hour has come round at last for the ever controversial redevelopment of 2000-2070 Bryant Street, dubbed the "Beast on Bryant" by critics. Twice before, the enormous proposal has been slated to appear at the Planning Commission, and twice before developer Nick Podell Company has deferred it. Now the (presumably) final date is set for next Thursday.

NPC's proposal consists of 335 units spread across two buildings, 41 percent of them to be reserved for households making less than $61,000 a year, and 30 percent of those reserved for San Franciscans making less than $30,000 a year.

The total number of proposed new units on the site has increased by 61 since last year, but the number of market rate units NPC would end up with in the end has decreased by 31. Meanwhile, the number of BMR units on offer is nearly triple the original figure.

The look of the Richard Beard and BDE design remains mostly unchanged. It would be a six-story, 203,000 square foot mixed-use building at 2000 Bryant, containing the market-rate apartments (plus three BMR units to replace ones being demolished), and an eight-story, 128,000 square foot affordable housing development at 2070, with nearly 18,000 feet of retail, arts, and PDR space spread over both.

Note that under this plan, 2070 Bryant would be turned over to the Mayor's Office of Housing to develop.

Six existing buildings would be demolished, many of them long vacant but some still occupied back when this new development first came knocking, including several Mission arts groups.

Part of NPC's charm drive to finally make this thing happen included securing new venues for all previous tenants. The company also points out that the development would generate $2.8 million in fees for the city.

Planning staff are prepared to recommend that the commission approve the new design at next week’s meeting. But will it please the public as well? We'll see.