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Brace for Bay to Breakers Chaos, 37 Street Closures

For better or for worse, it's that time of year again

The annual San Francisco marathon-under-the-influence will result in many street closures this Sunday. We strongly suggest you eschew vehicular use if at all possible. If that's not possible, here now, via the fine folks at SFist, are your Sunday street closures:

  • Howard (from the Embarcadero to Beale)
  • Steuart (from Mission down to the southern end)
  • Spear (from Mission to Folsom)
  • Main (from Mission to Folsom)
  • Beale (from Mission to Folsom)
  • Fremont (from Mission to Folsom)
  • Second Street (from Mission to Folsom)
  • 2nd (from Mission to Folsom)
  • New Montgomery (from Mission to Howard)
  • Howard (from Beale to Third)
  • Howard (from Third Street to Ninth Street)
  • 9th (from Howard to Market)
  • Hayes (from Market to Divisadero)
  • Steiner (from Grove to Hayes)
  • Divisadero (from Grove to Oak)
  • Baker (from Oak to Fell)
  • Fell (from Divisadero to Stanyan)
  • 47th (from Fulton to JFK)
  • La Play (from Cabrillo to Fulton)
  • Fulton (eastbound, from the Great Highway to 48th Avenue)
  • Fulton (westbound, from 46th to the Great Highway)
  • Lincoln (eastbound, from the Great Highway to La Playa)
  • Lincoln (westbound,from 48th to the Great Highway)
  • Cabrillo (from 46th to La Playa)
  • Balboa (from 46th to the Great Highway)
  • Point Lobos (from 48th/El Camino Del Mar to to the Great Highway)
  • JFK (from Stanyan to the Great Highway)
  • Bernice Rodgesr (from JFK to MLK)
  • MLK (from Bernice Rodgers to Lincoln)
  • Transverse (from MLK to Crossover)
  • 30th (from Fulton to JFK)
  • 36th (from Fulton to JFK)
  • Chain of Lakes (from Fulton to Lincoln)
  • MLK (from Chain of Lakes to Sunset)
  • 47th (from Fulton to JFK)
  • Great Highway (from Sloat to JFK)
  • Great Highway (from JFK to Balboa)

There will also be a slew of Muni closures as well.

And of course, per Joe Kukura at SFist, there's also a handy liquor store map should any imbibing runners feel the thirst. Behold:

Remember to stay hydrated (with water!) and have fun. The annual race, wherein participants dress to the nine in their zaniest and most offensive outfits, begins at 8AM. Register to run.