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New Condos Proposed for Site of Mission Street Fire

A six-story mixed-use building would rise above what's been a hole in the ground ever since a 2014 blaze

The lot at 2632 Mission Street has been empty ever since a five-alarm fire wiped out the Big House Inc wholesale store there. (This was before Mission fires became a twice-monthly occurrence.)

But the ashes have long since cooled and become ready for something new to emerge from them, so the owner tapped Gabriel Ng + Architects Inc to design a five story mixed-use building that would include 16 new condos for the site and submitted designs to the Planning Department for initial review this week.

All told, the $3.8 million proposal calls for over 11,000 square feet of condo space, plus 7,700 square feet of commercial space on the street. The submitted design lays out a pair of roughly 900 square foot, two bedroom units on each floor, along with a a pair of roughly 500 square foot, one bedrooms on each floor.

The 40-foot Ng facade facing Mission would be composed mostly of aluminum, with porcelain tile on the street level space. The broad north and south sides, also mostly exposed to Mission, would be a series of cement panels making up a rain screen.

The basement is all that remains of the original, circa 1916 building, and under these designs it too will be done away with and replaced with a new space to service the commercial unit above. That old building was only two stories, but the spot is zoned for up to 65 feet.