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San Francisco Declared Most Sinful City in California

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We’ve all been up to no good, and there are hard numbers to prove it

That's the word from real estate search engine FindTheHome, which calculated the US cities with the highest number of casinos, liquor stores, tattoo parlors, and adult entertainment venues per 10,000 residents and then assigned everyone a corresponding vice score.

Yeah, the FindTheHome crew might have too much time on their hands, and we're really not sure why they added dating services into the mix too. Be that as it may, the votes are in and San Francisco is, on a per capita basis, the most vice-ridden city in California.

Our final vice score is 5.36 dens of inequity per 10,000 residents. That's the highest in the entire state of California. In fact, we nearly doubled the statewide average of 2.71, which just a bit abive the overall US average of 2.46.

(If you’re curious, Oakland’s vice score came in at 4.15.)

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Although San Francisco soared above/sunk below the degree of alleged degradation found in the average US city, we’re only number 27 nationwide. We're simply out-sleazed by the likes of Olympia, Washington, with its score of 6.27, the highest on the West Coast. And we’re nowhere near the notoriety of Atlantic City, New Jersey, which clocked in at a downright scandalous score of 17.21 for the number one spot.

Oddly enough, the number two spot went to tiny Ketchikan, Alaska, population 8,000. The mind boggles.