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Prince Helped People In Oakland Get Solar Paneling

The purple one helped a local solar paneling company stay on its feet

After Prince's death in April, we are beginning to find out more and more just how generous the artist was during his all-too-brief time on earth. In one curious case, the iconic singer helped a handful of Oakland homes receive cost-saving solar paneling.

Mercury News has the scoop:

"There are people in Oakland who have solar panels on their houses and don't know Prince paid for it," CNN commentator Van Jones said on television.

The Tribune has been unable to locate individual homes powered by Prince's gifts of panels, but his contributions made it possible for thousands of people nationwide to go solar. And that started at five sites in Oakland.

While details are at this time scares, Prince reportedly helped fund Oakland-based solar company Mosaic stay afloat during a rough patch. The artist reportedly wanted to "put a bunch of money into solar projects in Oakland," and ended up helping then then-fledgling company.

Jones resigned his White House position in September 2009. He was despondent about it, he now says, until Prince helped him get his groove back, offering to support his work in boosting environmental and economic justice and realizing green economy projects.

With Jones as an intermediary, Prince provided much-needed bridge funding to allow an Oakland company, Mosaic, to survive at a time when the solar industry was struggling to get on its feet.

Prince matched a grant to the tune of a quarter million, via local nonprofits Green for All and the Ella Baker Center, which in turned helped Mosaic.

The entire story is wildly charming and endearing, just like Prince himself.

The noted musician died on April 21. San Francisco City Hall paid tribute to his legacy by lighting up purple.