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Posh Ritz-Carlton Downtown Condo Asks $2.2 Million

If you're blue and you don't know where to go to, why don't you go where fashion sits?

There are a few brands, residential or otherwise, that conjure up luxe the way the Ritz-Carlton does. And while the company's Nob Hill hotel property is perhaps its best know in San Francisco, their residential structure, at Market and Kearney, also deserves a second look.

Coming in at 1,417 square feet, this two bedroom, two bath condo at 690 Market is a showpiece. Naturally. Though we rarely go bonkers for terraces, the one at this corner unit is downright spectacular. (Honestly, we would be more than content to simply pitch a tent on this deck and call it a home.)

The building's club lounge comes with an espresso bar, wine tastings, a private wine locker, wrap-around deck, fireplace, and more.

Monthly HOAs will cost you a jarring $2,665, while the entire place is asking for $2,200,000.