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Map of 'Bike to Work Day' Energizing Stations

Get ready to take on the wiggle, folks

This Thursday, May 12, is Bike to Work Day in San Francisco. It's the day where folks strap on a helmet, shimmy into a pair of spandex bike pants, and his the road with their fellow cyclists. It's also a day where, if you're not unaccustomed to riding to and from work, things can get exhausting. Which is why the San Francisco Bike Coalition is here to help.

The fine folks at the Coalition will be volunteering all day at special energizing stations around the city where they will hand out free snacks, beverages, and canvas bags full of treats to those on bikes.

Here is a handy map of where those stations will be located:

In addition to civilians taking to the streets, be on the watch for your area supervisors pedaling to work with their entourage. That's always an inspiring/amusing sight to behold.

For those of you want to make cycling your regular mode of transportation in the city, there are things you need to know. SFist has a great piece on bike riding etiquette that, in part, reads: "Riding a bicycle in San Francisco is a liberating experience. Not subject to the vagaries of surge pricing, the patchwork of our city's public transit, or even the speed of one's own gait, the simple act of cycling redefines your relationship with SF."