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Four Bedroom Sunset House Comes With Antique Gas Station: $3 Million

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Though shuttered, the 90-year-old brick box remains a neighborhood favorite

There are all sorts of home amenities here, and some are more unusual than others. For example, here's a four-bedroom, 2,150-square-foot house on 16th Avenue that comes with a historic (defunct) gas station on the adjoining lot. The pair can be purchased as a set for $3.09 million.

The house at 1314 16th Avenue (at the corner of Irving) runs you a little under $1.3 million all on its own. It's a three-story affair with one bathroom (the ad says one and a quarter, but a quarter bathroom is usually just a sink, and that's kind of cheating) that dates back to 1908.

At $607 per square foot, it's well below Trulia's Inner Sunset average.

Yes, the house is nice, but what's with the lot next door? That's 1455 Irving Street, technically two undeveloped lots for a total square footage of 4,767.

It might seem odd that this is the more expensive purchase at $1.79 million, despite the fact that there's nothing there (whereas the lot next door has a whole house standing on it, something generally reckoned more useful than dirt). But the realtors characterize the empty parcels as development opportunities, and potential dividends from hypothetical future building are presumably worth the extra $500,000.

Of course, the properties aren't entirely empty: There is that weird/cool brick hovel. That was once a 1926-era Mohawk gas station. But no gas has been pumped on the spot since the 1980s, and no car service has been done there since the '90s. Still, the building endures after nine decades. According to the Western Neighborhoods Project, tentative steps to seismically retrofit it in 2007 went nowhere.

If you're planning to buy, be warned that people seem to like the old brick box. Residents probably won't take kindly to any plans to do away with it. The lot is zoned for neighborhood commercial use, with the neighborhood's standard 40-foot height limit.