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Art Deco Condo in Telegraph Hill's "Dark Passage" Malloch Building

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Definitely worth the climb

An exceptional example of the Streamline Moderne style popular in the 1930s, this one bedroom, one bath condo is available for $1.5M in the historic Malloch Building on Telegraph Hill.

The structure is iconic for many reasons — it was featured as Lauren Bacall's apartment in Dark Passage (1947) and muralist Alfred Du Pont's images decorate the facades. It's also one of those rare gems known by its address alone: 1360 Montgomery Street.

Other bonuses: fireplace, hardwood floors, private terrace, art deco kitchen and built-ins (drool), glass cabinetry, an illuminated glass brick elevator shaft that serves the entire building, and above all, unadulterated noir glamour.

Chic. To say the least.