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How Much Is the Rent for Your San Francisco Apartment?

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Spill it, folks

It's the best and the worst topic of conversation around the city — what you pay in rent. The most recent reports on the San Francisco rental market show that prices have not-so-surprisingly gone up. Median 1-bedroom prices from Bayview ($2,350) and Bernal ($2,660) to Nob Hill ($3,100) and NOPA ($3,580) still make for a nicely dropped jaw.

Tell us: How much do you pay for rent in San Francisco? Do you live in a rent-controlled Hayes Valley apartment for pennies a month? Or do you sleep on a bunk bed in Mission Bay in a room with five other guys for a small fortune? Do you live with your parents? Or do you live in a pod in someone's living room?

In this unofficial survey, we want you to leave a comment with your rent, neighborhood, and type of apartment. Has your rent gone up? Has it gone down? (Chortle.) We promise this will be fun and/or terrifying.