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Pac Heights Victorian, With Rooms to Spare, Lists for $5.6 Million

Four plus stories, 3,400 square feet, and the possibility of getting lost

Sometimes these seven-figure Pacific Heights houses can get lost in the shuffle. How many interior photos, however opulent, can you see before the lines start to blur?

But then you might be leafing through a listing like 2710 California Street, a five bed, four-bath Victorian with a faintly slate-blue exterior between Divisadero and Scott circa 1900 (often a placeholder date for older homes whose records were destroyed in the 1906 earthquake), and slowly you'll begin to realize just how many rooms you're looking at.

It's one thing to know that the house is over 3,400 square feet and that it has four full stories plus an attic that's been converted into a flat with alarmingly arched ceilings. You may also know that there are 13-foot ceilings throughout, that there's a courtyard and a deck and a four-car garage, and that the lot actually has a separate cottage with its own entirely separate studio apartment above it.

But it's not until you've been perusing interior after interior of dens, offices, and wine rooms that you start to feel as if you've actually become lost in the house, right from the comfort of your own home. What you see below is only a fraction or the rooms inside the house.

The $5.6 million price tag on this labyrinth is a 150 percent jump from its most recent sale in 2005 for $2.25 million. And once upon a time in 1992, this house sold for a scant $442,000, the equivalent of a modern $747,000.