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Richmond District Renovation Sells for $3.6M

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Fetched over asking in less than two months

Less than two months ago, this Richmond District revamp at the intersection of 35th Avenue and Cabrillo Street — south of Sea Cliff, but still very much that kind of abode — sold for $3.6 this week, a smidgen above its asking price.

As we noted back in February, the look comes with all the modern features you're accustomed to seeing: glass-and-metal staircases, a wet bar, and a modern kitchen with grain-like patterned cabinets. Still, for an whopping 3,700 square feet and a Golden Gate Park-adjacent locale, the four bedroom/four bath house proved too irresistible.

The average Outer Richmond house sells for $847 per square foot, but this house sold for way above the norm.