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Ultra Contemporary Mill Valley Home Starts at $5.3M

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Dazzling doesn't even begin to describe it

Mill Valley is killing it these day. First we had this stellar Rose Avenue home, a brilliant renovation of a onetime Prohibition Era distillery and bottling plant. Now we have this super sleek sparkler at 441 Tamalpais Avenue.

This 5 bedroom, 4.5 Bath has approximately 4,012 square feet, with around 2,875 square feet on the bamboo decks alone.

Other features are fully wired for data and audio-visual; radiant heat in the bathroom; custom steel and acrylic stairs; six-person spa; and views of trees, trees, and more trees.

Inside and out, the home is eco-friendly and employed the use of sustainable materials. Naturally. Also, this Mill Valley redo is the brain child of architectural gurus Zack de Vito.