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Tudor Revival on Broadway Returns to Life for $7.5M

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Quick flip of singular old-meets-contemporary Pac Heights home

If you’ve been feeling like you need a little more Tudor in your life lately, good news: The five-bedroom, 4.5 bath Tudor Revival house at 2470 Broadway is on the market again, this time for a cool $7.48 million — nearly one million more than when it sold in January.

Last time we looked at this 3,850-square-foot Broadway beauty, it hadn’t sold since 1976, going for the quaint sum of $176,000. (That’s the equivalent of only $733,418 today, folks. If you need to go quietly cry in one of the 4.5 bathrooms, we'll wait.)

This place is Tudor on the outside but standard Pac Heights chic on the inside, with the exception of the master bedroom, which rocks half timbers and French doors as well as a marble en-suite bathroom. There’s a wet bar, garden, and high ceilings to spare. And check out the two-story solarium with views of the bay, which, of course, opens up onto a rear terrace.

But the best throwback charm is on the outside; you’ve got to love that classic shingles look.

Architect brothers Samuel and Joseph Cather Newsom designed the circa 1910 house’s most recent renovation. Yes, that’s the same Newsom family from which former mayor and now California lieutenant governor Gavin Newsom hails (although the precise relationship between all of members of the sprawling clan are difficult to suss out).

This house just sold in January, but its new owner almost immediately put it back on the market for an extra $1 million. Last-minute buyer’s remorse, or a quick and dirty flip that didn’t care what people would think? Let the speculation begin.