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San Francisco Ranked Most Dog-Friendly City in U.S.

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We're number ruff! We're number ruff!

According to data compiled by SmartAsset, San Francisco ranks number-one in the country when it comes to dog-friendliness. Which is fantastic as dogs are, overwhelmingly, glorious additions to any family.

Some of the considerations SmartAsserts took in their rankings:

  1. The number of dog parks per 100,000 residents.
  2. The number of dog-friendly shopping areas per city.
  3. The number of dog-friendly restaurants per city.
  4. Walkability. This is calculated on a 0-100 scale, 0 being car-dependent and 100 being a walker’s paradise.
  5. Weather. This is calculated by the annual days of precipitation.
  6. Housing cost. This is calculated by the median sale price for homes in that city.

And since weather played a large factor in the data, it should come as little surprise that three of the ten most dog-friendly cities are located here in California. But why is San Francisco tops? Let's find out:

While San Francisco might stretch (or even break!) your housing budget, your pup will thank you for it. The City by the Bay has the seventh most dog parks per 100,000 residents and ranks second in walkability score. What really sets this city apart is the numerous dining options you and your four-legged friend can enjoy. San Fran [sic] boasts 174 dog-friendly restaurants. All you have to decide is what cuisine you are in the mood for and your dog can be there to watch you chow down!

If you and your four-legged best friend want to take in a bite at a pet-friendly spot, here are a couple of lists featuring choice dog-friendly restaurants and bars.

If you need to move addresses — remember, abandoning your pet(s) during a move is a crummy thing to do — here is Curbed SF's map of 25 pet-friendly rentals in San Francisco and the most pet-friendly zip codes for renters in SF.