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Mansion Across from Alta Plaza Park Lists for $7.9M

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To take your paltry lifestyle to the next level, we offer this jewel at 2600 Jackson Street, directly across from Alta Plaza Park. It features four floors of jarring opulence in Pacific Heights, one of the city's most lavish (albeit polarizing) neighborhoods.

Constructed in 1895 by Irving Murphy Scott as a wedding gift to his daughter, the brick home has yet to be gutted and rendered antiseptic like many a San Francisco mansion these days.

A Tudor Revival addition was tacked on in 1929 to the north side of the abode; otherwise, its character is still in tact.

But let's talk amenities: five bedrooms, five baths, Gilded-age architecture by noted San Franciscan Ernest Coxhead, six (!) fireplaces, and a working elevator.

The only drawback? A lackluster kitchen. We're sure, however, that whoever buys this glorious estate will be able to afford an envy-inducing revamp.

And for those of you who still follow the wacky foibles of San Francisco society, you will share a block with one of the indefatigable grande dames of the society sect. We're not naming names.