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Bay Area Home Prices by Transit Stop Will Terrify You

Convenience costs, folks

If you want to buy a home anywhere in the Bay Area, you will face serious sticker shock. And according to a new map by Estately, the wattage could depend on which BART or Caltrain stop you want leave near.

"It's no secret Bay Area home prices are among the highest in the country, but Estately wanted to show how those prices vary depending on which BART or Caltrain stop a home is near,”" the company notes. "To do this, Estately Real Estate Search analyzed the last six months of home sales for houses, townhouses, and condos that were within a one-mile radius of each BART and Caltrain transit stop. We then broke them down by price per square foot."

The five most expensive BART stops:

  • Embarcadero (median sale price, $1,150,000; price per square foot, $1,191)
  • Montgomery ($1,100,000; $1,149)
  • Powell ($1,008,000; $1,099)
  • 24th Street ($1,372,500; $1,001)
  • 16th Street ($1,239,500; $998)

The five least expensive BART stops:

  • Pittsburg/Bay Point ($430,000; price per square foot, $219)
  • Richmond ($285,000; $258)
  • Coliseum ($285,000; $270)
  • North Concord/Martinez ($420,000; $306)
  • Concord ($410,000; $317)

And let's not forget Caltrain. While prices get steep around San Francisco's 4th Street and King station ($1,120 due to its SoMa location near AT&T Park and Muni lines), they dive at San Mateo ($724) and Hayward Park ($770), but then climb back up to seemingly impossible heights in Menlo Park ($1,181) and Palo Alto ($1,354) before plunging dramatically back down at Santa Clara ($615) and Gilroy ($314).

Whew. Quite the rollercoaster ride. Behold: