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Presidio Heights Mega-Flip Reappears for $10.9 Million, Still on Hunt for Buyer

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Stunning pad is back with a new agent and new photos

The saga of 101 Maple continues. Once an ugly duckling on the block, its unfortunate, dated facade was blown away during a major remodel by local architect Ravi Anand, a process that took two years and nearly quadrupled its value.

That was the hope, anyway, as the now-five bed, 5,825-square-foot home went back on the market back in October for $12 million, an enormous windfall over its previous $3.3 million sale. But even the magic of Anand couldn't summon up a buyer at that price, so last month the seller chopped $1 million off the asking price.

After six more weeks sans an offer, the listing was briefly pulled. But new photos were taken of a fresh staging, and now it's back out on the market in the hands of a new agent, Nina Hatavny.

Hatavny says the new photos are meant to appeal to younger buyers with families. In hindsight, the previous photos do look a bit stuffy and stolid next to these. The house is one of the most expensive for sale in the city right now, with a Calcutta marble kitchen, Venetian plaster, white oak floors, a temperature-controlled wine cellar, and a pet shower in the laundry room.