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San Francisco Rent Comparisons: What $3,600/Month Gets You

Five new San Francisco rentals. Pick your poison.

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a regular column exploring what you can rent for a set dollar amount in different neighborhoods. Is one person's studio another person's townhouse? Let's find out.Today's price: $3,600.

↑ We'll open things up in the Castro with a one bedroom, one bath apartment at 16th and Castro for $3,495/month. The circa 1902 building advertises a "hidden courtyard" (sounds mysterious) and "original charm" (sounds charming), plus balcony and prime Castro location. We're mostly all about that living room bay, helmed by decorative fireplace with tile accents. Dogs and cats both permitted.

↑ Today's number two opening is the obligatory condo in South Beach, this time with a bit of old San Francisco class by way of a circa 1907 industrial building. The owners kept as much of the brick and beam details on the old place as they could when they converted it, but threw in the bamboo floors themselves. Note the elevated closet to make use of the high ceiling. One bedroom, one bath, 655 square feet, for $3,600/month flat and, unfortunately, no mention of pets.

↑ Our third offering swings west to the Richmond, with an arts & crafts house sporting a box beam ceiling of which we simply cannot get enough. Gorgeous. One bedroom, one bath, $3,500/month, both dogs and cats permitted. The vintage floors date to 1906 (which was, generally, not a good year for floors in San Francisco, but these ones look like they made it out okay). It's billed as a cottage, and indeed, the diminutive facade is perfectly charming. Dogs and cats welcome.

↑ We stick to the west side but swing way south with this Parkmerced number, a two-bed, one-bath, 950-square-foot townhouse for $3,450/month. There's a courtyard and a detached garage. The ad actually pitches converting the dining room into a third bedroom (which anyone who spends a lot of time on Craigslist can testify happens quite often). The fates must be smiling today, because this is our third pet-friendly listing.

↑ We end in the Tenderloin, although the ad somewhat sneakily dubs itself Polk Gulch. This two-bedroom, one and a half bath apartment sets you back $3,599/month (maybe that extra buck a month will feed the meter and get you out of a ticket). We're mostly in this one for the weird angles on those windows, although the building at 888 O'Farrell does offer a few amenities, as well as a perfect 100 Walk Score.