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Sneak Peek: Renderings of Luxe 181 Fremont, the West Coast's Tallest Residential Building

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Let's take a look, shall we?

The sleek Heller Manus-designed mixed-use office and residential development at 181 Fremont is well underway right now, climbing high next to the Transbay Terminal construction.

Lauded as the country's tallest residential building west of the Mississippi — 72 stories, to be exact — we have some exclusive renderings of what's to come.

Though still in its nascent stages, structurally-speaking (181 Fremont's steel is up to the 35th floor as of today and the exterior glass curtain wall is now on two lower floors), these choice images, of both the interiors and exteriors of the Orlando Diaz-Azcuy-designed units, show off the lobby, sky lounge, and residential spaces.

That bathtub alone is well worth the yet-to-be-announced mega-millions price tag.


And now, the exterior:

181 Fremont

181 Fremont Street, San Francisco, CA