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Which SF Neighborhoods Have the Best and Worst Parking?

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Tell us where to park it

After we featured these 24th Street luxe homes in Noe Valley, which can't seem to fund a buyer, readers chimed in with their thoughts. And you all came to the conclusion that parking, or lack thereof, could be the main issue.

Noe Valley isn't the only neighborhood facing a vehicular parking snafu. Mission Street merchants are reportedly perturbed about the bus-only red lanes. While said lanes have been a boon for better public transit (on SoMa's Third Street as well as Mission Street), some people are wringing their hands over the street improvement, saying that the red carpet treatment has hurt local business due to a dearth or parking.

And don't even get us started on North Beach. Ouch.

So, please, tell us which neighborhoods are the best for parking (bonus points for those of you who reveals your regular parking space success spots!) and which ones are the worst.